GT Products Silicones

Monday, June 18, 2012

Silicone Putty

GT Products Silicone Putty can be used to make fast reliable molds.  Available in 4 different durometers or hardnesses finding a good material for any project is easy.  Silicone putties can be used in antique furniture repair, small impression molding, soap molds, candle molds, jewelry making and repair, and other small object casting.

Several materials can be cast into molds made from silicone putty including waxes, clays, urethane and epoxy resins, plaster, as well as some low melt metals.

GT Products Silicone putties are non-toxic and odor free.  These materials are also fast setting with demold times at room temperature less than 45 minutes. Each system is mixed in a 1A:1B by volume and mixes easily by kneading the 2 components in your fingers.  GT Products silicone putties will have a high heat range of 400 to 450 F.

 Technical Data Sheets for each of these materials can be found by clicking on the Mold making Silicone Tab and look under silicone putties.

Each putty is available in pint kits (1 lb A and 1 lb B), Quart kits (2 lb A and 2 lb B), and Gallon kits (10 lb A and 10 lb B).

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Correct Mix Ratio is the key

Whether you are using a 1:1 or a 10:1 mold making system the proper mix ratio is key to have the strongest mold with the longest life possible. Under catalyzing will prevent the silicone from achieving the ultimate strength and hardness while over catalyzing can cause the silicone to become hard, brittle, and virtually un-useable over time. GT Products mold making silicones are known for their long library life but to achieve the ultimate longevity then mixing by weight and not by volume is of the highest importance.

To ensure that all of our customers get the most out of our silicones GT Products is now offering low cost but extremely accurate scales. These scales measure in grams which is always our recommendation for accuracy and will weigh up to 11 pounds. The scales will be sold for $50 and are currently in stock. If you need more information then please do not hesitate to call us.